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What have you done on a day of spontaneous fun and adventure?

I spotted this bit of graffiti in the toilet when we visited the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne last year.
I hope Odette and Laurie had a wonderful day.
Obviously they ended up at the convent, but I wonder what else they did??
(By the way, yes, it was a bit strange to pull out the Nikon and take a pic in the toilet, let me tell you but it was too cute not to!!)
I think we all need more of these kinds of days, don’t you.
As mothers and women in general, we don’t have too much time to loll about but I for one put my hand up and say, YES, we need more of these kinds of days.  Let’s call it “Womenly Nourishment”.
All we need is a good friend, a car with $20 petrol in it or a all day train ticket,
 a little picnic and we’re off.
 Who knows what kind of magical spontaneous things might happen?
I make it a point to always talk to people in queues and on trains now.
I might seem like the mad lady, and some people look away, but most people are happy to chat and sometimes you learn the most amazing things and hear about the most amazing places.  I’m waiting on a dinner invitation.  Wouldn’t that be something?
I also love the idea of couch surfing. If it had been around in my backpacking days, I probably would have done it.  I just love the fact you meet locals, and hear about local haunts and cool spots and are led on wild goose chases to meet their friends and family.   95% of the world is made up of good or great people, and I believe we’re much more likely to run into these lot. Most people are just like you and me.  A good good thing!
Abbotsford Convent is one of those kind of places.
Not far from the CBD, yet a totally different world.
There is the most gorgeous bakery here, and we ate red sauce drippy lasagne here with fresh salad.  Divine.
Around the corner, there is one of three Lentil As Anything  restaurants.
I like their philosophy.
Lentil as Anything is a unique not for profit community organisation. At our core are the pay as you feel restaurants where customers give what they feel the food is worth and have the opportunity to donate towards the philosophy. We would love to welcome you as part of our community. We extend our hospitality offering you vegetarian cuisine cooked with love and gratitude. Our unique financial model functions independent of any government funding and we rely on your generosity in order to pay our rent, utilities, wages and stock. Make an agreement with your conscience on what is reasonable, how much you enjoyed your food, our philosophy and our community. Be part of a unique financial model that is centred on the values of trust, generosity and respect that gives people the opportunity to eat out and be social regardless of their financial situation. When you pay MAKE A WISH because you will be surprised with a little lentil love what happens!
 I wonder if Odette and Laurie ate here?
But they definitely found this.The Convent Toilet Door Project, where two artists donated their time to beautify the space.
Happy, happy, joy, joy.
Makes a nice change from boring old white.
Just around the corner is a little art gallery, and also the Collingwood children’s farm.
More groovy surprises and hidden treasure.
What a place!
So, here is the question: Can you find a free day in your schedule, and an available friend?
Are you ready for a day of spontaneous fun and adventure??
Let me know what you do!!

How to make your guests feel welcome: Offer a personalised reading selection and a sweet treat too!

Last year, my friend Felicity went away on a family road-trip for two weeks, but rather than let her beachside abode sit empty, she invited three groups of her friends to stay and enjoy the beachside lifestyle she loves. I was one of the lucky ones!
On Tuesday, our little family headed down to Tugun, my favourite pocket of the sunny Gold Coast
(and even more special as this is where we used to live, mere metres from Felicity’s house).
Upon turning the key, I was delightfully surprised to see our ‘Welcome’ package.
Yes, my fabulous friend had not only lent us her space, but she had built three piles of goodies, one for each group.
In each pile, was a stack of personalised library books!
She had gone to the trouble of renting out books, magazines, and dvd’s that she thought we each would love and devour.  Mine included Jessica Seinfeld’s latest cookbook (just recently, we had been joyfully swapping recipes and her first was a common fave), a few books on letting go of stuff and decluttering, country living magazines, a yoga dvd, and a couple of philosophy tomes.
She also made sure we were well nourished- with marshmallows, crackers, tea, hot chocolate and even a coconut soap!
What a friend!
And when we finally ventured out, this is the view we came upon literally 50 metres from her front door.
My fave spot “Flat Rock”, a little rocky outcrop of wading pools breaking up the flat expanse of coastline, and a park for kids, was 200 metres to the left.
And a little walk further, is Currumbin beach, Elephant rock, cafe’s, restaurants and the surf club.
We treated ourselves to Thai last night- yellow curry- before heading home for hot choc and marshmallows.  (Ned ate the marshmallows. We didn’t get a look in).
Today, we spent time digging in the sand, eating lunch from the local bakery, jumping on the mammoth trampoline in Felicity’s yard, chatting to neighbours, and just generally enjoying beachside life.
Ahhhh, I do miss it so.
No matter how lovely acreage and the hilly country life is, I’m a beachie at heart.
Thank you Felicity and family for your generosity and kindness.
We had a ball.