Reducing art and craft supplies for greater creativity and output

I love this post about Creativity on Zero Waste Home
This year, I too made a commitment to use up all a lot of my crafty supplies before I bought any new ones, and it is a creative challenge to think in this way.
But, I also have filled a big box with ‘unfinished projects’- a needlefelted toadstool treasure box, rolling gnomes, sewing cards, 3 half-done nature landscapes (yes 3!), a MamaMoontime embroidery, three more embroidery works and more!
Each of these things weighs upon me like a great big elephant.
And sometimes, I just can’t even enter my craft room in case I see this box of stuff!
Sometimes, the old projects don’t even serve a purpose anymore, but rather than give or recycle them away, they languish….
I’ve been feeling braver and braver by the minute.
A few weeks ago, I was brave enough to pass these (along with a whole other pile of stuff) on to a friend who was more than happy with a new creative challenge.
A creative win win all around!

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