Medici Effect for Creativity

Just yesterday, my teenage daughter and I were running some errands in our local shopping centre.
I had to pop into the National Geographic shop, and she was delighted to show Ned and I, the big dinosaur head that roars.
A few minutes later, we walked by a donut shop and she asked me if she could have one.
I deferred, telling her about the lack of nutritional value and rubbish in donuts.
Finally, as if to convince her, I said;
“You’ll get fat if you eat dinosaurs” !!
Oops!  I meant to say ‘donuts’!  Hilarious!
We laughed and laughed!!
But it got me thinking about how our brains and our creativity and how the two things join to create whole new imaginative fun!
What a great example of how our brain takes a whole lot of puzzle pieces and puts them back together in some random order.  I love it!
And it all goes on just below our consciousness….
Imagine the potential we have when we delve into the worlds of art, music, song, drama, live performance, opera, colour, sound, and friendly conversation….when our brains can take two or more elements from these sources of inspiration, and mix them into a creative mash.
We human beings are pretty amazing creatures, don’t you think   : )
I’m so happy to be one.  Aren’t you?

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