How to make your guests feel welcome: Offer a personalised reading selection and a sweet treat too!

Last year, my friend Felicity went away on a family road-trip for two weeks, but rather than let her beachside abode sit empty, she invited three groups of her friends to stay and enjoy the beachside lifestyle she loves. I was one of the lucky ones!
On Tuesday, our little family headed down to Tugun, my favourite pocket of the sunny Gold Coast
(and even more special as this is where we used to live, mere metres from Felicity’s house).
Upon turning the key, I was delightfully surprised to see our ‘Welcome’ package.
Yes, my fabulous friend had not only lent us her space, but she had built three piles of goodies, one for each group.
In each pile, was a stack of personalised library books!
She had gone to the trouble of renting out books, magazines, and dvd’s that she thought we each would love and devour.  Mine included Jessica Seinfeld’s latest cookbook (just recently, we had been joyfully swapping recipes and her first was a common fave), a few books on letting go of stuff and decluttering, country living magazines, a yoga dvd, and a couple of philosophy tomes.
She also made sure we were well nourished- with marshmallows, crackers, tea, hot chocolate and even a coconut soap!
What a friend!
And when we finally ventured out, this is the view we came upon literally 50 metres from her front door.
My fave spot “Flat Rock”, a little rocky outcrop of wading pools breaking up the flat expanse of coastline, and a park for kids, was 200 metres to the left.
And a little walk further, is Currumbin beach, Elephant rock, cafe’s, restaurants and the surf club.
We treated ourselves to Thai last night- yellow curry- before heading home for hot choc and marshmallows.  (Ned ate the marshmallows. We didn’t get a look in).
Today, we spent time digging in the sand, eating lunch from the local bakery, jumping on the mammoth trampoline in Felicity’s yard, chatting to neighbours, and just generally enjoying beachside life.
Ahhhh, I do miss it so.
No matter how lovely acreage and the hilly country life is, I’m a beachie at heart.
Thank you Felicity and family for your generosity and kindness.
We had a ball.

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