Elizabeth Gilbert: a new way to think about creativity

Of course, like half the female population, I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

While I loved the adventure it entailed, as someone who has been a parent since I was 20 years old (and therefore in the world of free cash resources, somewhat poor), the opportunity and logistics to just take off for a year’s exploration to find my inner self has never really been an available reality.

That said, I definitely had moments of envy (ahhh, the freedom to adventure and explore with no strings once again) but also experienced a little bit of antipathy towards her too.  I mean, seriously, the quickest way to find yourself and have all your buttons pressed and really learn to ‘chop wood, carry water’ is to throw yourself into the deep end by becoming a parent.  Who needs an ashram when you can learn compassion, tolerance and patience by cleaning up the toilet bowl and floor after your child spends the night vomiting?

BUT I now have a new found respect and awe for this magnificent lady. ( My esteem for this author had already risen somewhat with the publication of her follow up book Committed, a wonderfully written and researched book into marriage and love)

This TED talk by Elizabeth about creativity is just magnificent.  And she herself endears herself warmly to the audience with a mixture of laughter, wonder and insight.  I truly recommend you give it a watch.  It’s worth the investment of your time.


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