Discover your creative neighbours in your locality

We live in a little pocket of acreage, hidden in the hills of the hinterland, down a zigzag windy road.
It is a little off the beaten track.
But, near the beginning of our road, there is a monster-sized farm.
The farmer in his 70’s has cared for this land, running large heads of cattle, since he was young and the farm itself has been in their family for decades.
But farming doesn’t really pay much anymore so he has found a creative way to meet his bills.
He leases sections of the farm to Hollywood.
Well, Hollywood productions anyhow!
(This one, Terra Nova, is Steven Spielburg and Tom Hanks-produced and all the valley neighbours are relying on Oscar the Farmer’s titbits for updates on a potential visit from them. The lead actor is the guy who played the villain head of the military squadron in James Cameron’s Avatar and it is something about stepping back into time. Dinosaurs are involved, so I’ve heard!)
For over a year now, we’ve been watching the comings and goings of a new set being built and although there was a little filming action going on last year, it soon stopped due to a writer’s strike in LA.
But things have changed, and this week, the cast and crew are back in full force.
As I came home late tonight, a night shoot is in full swing.
The entire valley is lit up with mammoth lights on cherry pickers, the food canteen is booming, the carpark is full, and there is activity all around.
To think that a Hollywood production is being filmed just a kilometre away from my house just excites every creative morsel in my body.
Creativity happens (and is happening) where you least expect it!
I’ve just finished reading Sark’s new book, Glad No Matter What, and she spoke of finding out about the “veiled creativity” that goes on behind the closed doors of our nearest and dearest, and next door neighbours too.  One of her neighbours is the dress designer for Barbie!  Yet, it was only by chance and a surprise invitation that she found out- even though they had been neighbourly friends for years.
Do you know what your neighbours are up to??
Let’s rephrase that!
Do you know what creative talents lie beyond the everyday personalities of Mr and Mrs Clever next door??   Dig deep.  Ask questions. Be interested.
And I’m sure they’ll share a little about their hobby or pursuits with you.
One of mine is a furniture restorer and mad-keen treasure hunter!  She finds all kinds of treasures in the weirdest of places and homes, and always has a story to tell about her finds.  I love to hear about her treasure hunting discoveries.  A big bonus is she often finds things for Ned and I too!
Right now, she is on the lookout for a freestanding keyboard for me to practice upon as I start piano lessons on Monday!!  I’m sure there will be one in my house next week!
Another one is a horticulturalist by trade but a secret squirrel dressmaker designing and sewing up retro-inspired dresses and skirts from the dowry box of antique 50’s and 60’s fabric she has been storing for years.   To see her in her poo brown garden gear, you’d never know!
I wonder what the others are creating????
Do you have any neighbourly gold? 
Why not share their creative doings here? 

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