Dave Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge.

There is a guy named Dave Bruno and I like his philosophy.
He decided to “personalise his efforts to fight American style consumerism and live a life of simplicity, characterized by joyfulness and thoughtfulness”.
(Quote with thanks, from his Guy Name Dave blog)
Anyhow, the gist is this.To pare down your possessions to just 100 things.100 Thing Challenge
Wow! Now, I like to think I’m backpacker at heart, and really do not have much stuff at all.
(This is an outright lie, of course! One look at the amount of stuff I keep to run Moondew playgroups would easily fill 5 backpacks!!)  But I know I have way more than 100 things.
Even though I don’t buy decorative cushions, or enamel toothbrush holders, or extra fluffy towels, or a new set of saucepans every few years, or ornaments of any kind.
But I do love Japanese zakka, and letter writing sets, and gorgeous stationery and craft supplies.  These things alone would add up into the thousands.(Do you think one ‘basket of threads’ could count as one thing???? Pretty please??)

But I am beginning to contemplate my own big cutback as I plan for a potential end of year move.

I’m starting to make mental lists of what I’ll keep, what I’ll store, and what I’ll give away in the event this adventure takes place.
But rather than a limit of 100 things, my boundary can be no bigger than the size of a car trailer.

I know for sure the tupperware I use every day will get a big tick.
(Sad, I know, but can’t live without it!)
And a chunk of crafty supplies.
(Felt, fleece, threads, sewing kit, sewing machine, stamping stuff and paper are in.)

But for the rest, more contemplation is needed….

My enthusiasm for this task has been fired up by Dave’s 100 thing challenge,
and I feel a big winter clean-out coming on!

What about you?

Could you pare down to 100 things?
What things would make your list?

What couldn’t you live without???

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