Writing to-do lists for life organisation and idea collection

Justine, of Mixtapezine , reminded me of why I need a journal.
My life, is why.

I am guilty of having so many ripped bits of paper from zillion notebooks that I sticky tape to new books and try to keep them organised. Last year, I bought a vintage-look library stamp (couldn’t find an old one, so a new-old one had to do).  Now, I will have a page a day. Tomorrow, I will buy a new book and get started.

Journaling made me start thinking of lists.
I love lists.

To do lists,
Shopping lists,
Idea lists,
Life plan lists,
Towns to visit lists,
Things to join lists,
Festivals to attend lists,
Shops to browse lists,
Blog lists-
You name it. I have it.

My idea list is a favourite, but there are SO many ideas that often I can’t even get back to the list.

Hamish and Andy have a friend who also has a ‘Idea list’. Actually, it is an excel program on his work computer. He is an invention man. It seems many of his ‘great ideas’ are not really that great! Inventive? Yes. Unusual? Yes. Practical? No.

Hamish and Andy spoke to Ricky Gervais in an interview. It seems he has a friend with similar ideas. Click here, if you want to listen to a really funny interview they had about lists and inventions….

Podcast of Ricky Gervais with Hamish and Andy

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