The importance of input for creativity and creative outpourings

It is difficult, if not impossible, to create in a vaccuum.

When one is removed from life, all the little quirks, moments, events, bits, stuff cease to flood the brain and one is left empty.  This is what happens when you have the flu, or a hangover, or recover from a wisdom tooth extraction.

The challenge is balance. It is always the challenge. To be involved, yet leave space.

The BIG quest: To fill up ‘just enough’ so that there are pixel images for one’s brain to jiggle and juggle and move about and create that splendid, something new.

My only jiggle and jaggle and juggle after my wisdom tooth removal a few years ago was to help throw down a pain killer with a gulp of water.   It felt like my imagination left with my four teeth!  No wonder thay are called ‘wisdom teeth’. Even my sleep world was left bereft of new pixels to jug about.

It wasn’t a fun time at all and for the first time in my life, I actually understood ‘writer’s block’, that feeling that my creative thinking brain was never going to come back.

I often wonder how artists and songwriters and anyone who depends on their creative thinking and brain can ever be courageous (or stupid) enough to take drugs or drink excessive amounts of alcohol.  To me, this just seems like a risk not worth taking.

Nothing is more important in this world to me than a properly functioning brain and the connection to the creative flow.  It is the life blood from which I drink.

So the question is, what do you do to gain input for your creative jiggle and jaggle?  Where do you go? What do you watch? What do you listen to?  What do you look for, or see?

Shall we make an inspiration list?  Leave your ideas in the comments box and we’ll help our creative community to perhaps find a new source of input.  (Thank you!)

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