Handmade paper toothpick holders, a how-to tutorial

I am a big believer in the idea that ‘small things’ matter.  So much so, it is one of my topics in the ‘MamaMoontime’ course.
This is an idea for making a ‘small thing’ so much better.
I picked up these little handmade paper toothpick holders, and matching coasters at a second hand stall at a Japanese Festival Day last year.
I love handmade recycled paper, and in fact, did my final university prac on Sustainable Living. One of the activities we did was recycling paper to make gorgeous notepaper and envelopes.
Here is how you can make these toothpick holders too!
Take a small rectangle (8cm by 5cm) of sturdy paper.
Divide the paper longways into three and press the crease folds to indicate your fold lines.
Fold the top left and right corners into the centre.
Fold in the left hand side.
Fold in the right hand side. On the bottom edge, fold over 1cm of the paper towards the back.
Don’t you just love the toothpicks!
Simple, but sweet.
Of course, you could embellish the paper with stamps, or glitter.
But I like this plain.
I really do love and am influenced by, the Japanese style.
I hope we do get there this year!
This is the matching paper coaster. (before Ned got to it!)

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