Sacrifices for a creative life

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Today, I sat in the dentists chair for over 3 hours and had time to ponder. Today, I noticed my super hairy legs and realised that I choose to sacrifice some things for a creative moment in time.
Shaving my legs can never beat an opportunity to create.

I began to list some of the others things I give up so that my creative flame can continue to roar.

Creativity begs the attention of TIME and SPACE, and as we each only have a 24 hour daily dose, we are entitled to be picky as to what we choose to spend our minutes and hours and seconds on.

Any artist, singer, painter, craftsman, sportsperson, activist and an “Everyday Creative” knows that to be good at something, there must be effort. Effort implies that SOME THING will be achieved. (Some THING is open to intepretation, of course. It will be YOUR thing) This striving requires dedicated time, time that could be used for so many things.

I suppose, all people who succeed in creative endeavours make a decision to spend their daily allocation of hours/minutes/seconds on the creative process. As everyday creatives, we can do that too.

So, the question is “What would you, or could you, sacrifice for creativity? ”
The dictionary says, to sacrifice, is to “give up something (usually valuable) for the sake of something else.

For the sake of creativity, I am prepared to sacrifice many things.
Here are my top 10.

1. Having hair-free legs
2. Elaborate three course dinners
3. Regular eye brow waxing ( is this a theme? )
4. Blonde foils every 6 weeks
5. Hours aimlessly wandering around the shops
6. Scheduled play dates ( I limit to one per week)
7. Facebook (sad, but true)
8. I eat microwavable 3 minute porridge for breakfast (I know- terrible but just as yummy!)
9. Regular exercise (this could just be an excuse!!)
10. Television. Of course. Biggest creative time zapper of them all.

Tell me, what are you prepared to sacrifice for your creativity??


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