Objectivity and Perspective, a new look at the way we view things in life.

Years ago, I was at a conference and walked in (late!) to what I thought was my afternoon workshop.

The participants were asked to introduce themselves, and give a reason they had chosen to come along.

Listening to their answers, I realised I was in the wrong place! But I was stuck as I couldnt leave again without looking completely stupid!

Soon it was my turn so I acted flustered, and asked the circle of introduction to come back to me at the end. I soon realised that this talk had some connection to ‘God’ and wondered what I had got myself in for. But, that interest group was one of the best learnings I have ever had. A mistake I was there??
I don’t think so!!!

The facilitator of the group, I later found out, was a nun with the Christian Science church. ( I had never heard of it). She posed a question about objectivity. Could it be possible that the stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John might not be the full picture? And that there may have been others with slightly different viewpoints who could have expanded the picture for us?

She said it like this.

If we all stood around to watch a story/situation unfolding in the middle of a field, we would all have a different take on the story depending on 1. where we stood and, 2.the things that might have blocked a portion of our view. A tree, a person in the way, that extra distance from the field or being up super close.with a restricted view of the whole….

I remember this when I am faced with any challenging situation. Our task is to try to find as many different viewpoints and then try to see the full picture. Clarity of thinking comes from objectivity- not emotion, not fear, not coercion, not friendship, not ‘solidarity’, not ‘wanting to belong’. We might not always like the picture we see, but at least it will be truthful.

I believe in truth, beauty and goodness. I try to live life by these three things. I know (from prior experience) that not everyone wants to see the truth, that it is easier to plod along in a somewhat happy life, that finding the truth may demand change, and that sometimes humans dont want things to change. I accept this. We all need to make our own decisions in life.

But just as some people are willing to push the truth under the rug, other people are wanting transparency, clarity, and Truth.

I stand up for truth, even when it would sometimes be easier to duck my head and hide under the rug with others….

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