Creativity and the Art of Digestion

antacids, originally uploaded by Elliot-B.

The creative process is all about digestion. The taking in of images, the swirling around of the bits and pieces, until we take what we need through our life filter and make it into something else.
What is left is rubbish.

I have been striving hard to digest a whole lot of stuff lately that just hasnt wanted to go down. It has been all about burps and belches.

I take notice of my body when it speaks (in whatever language- burps included!!) because it is always right, so I have had to help the digestion process by filtering stuff- to see what I really need and want and what is truthful – from all the garbage.

Right now, I have to find the goodness, and I’m doing this by reading a whole lot of craft, art and design books and magazines. Food for the soul, easily digested. Thank goodness for good nourishment!

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