Creative interference and how to set up helpful boundaries to prevent it

Life as it happens is sometimes a creative interference.

I have been reading through some of my creative notes this past week, and I wrote that ‘allergies are symptons of interference’.  So when we have the wrong diet, the wrong rhythms, the wrong education, the wrong life choices (for us, of course) we become ‘allergic’.

I think this is true of creativity too.  With too many impressions, too much negativity, too much to do, we find we become ‘allergic’ to the creative process.

We actually can’t do it.

I know that when I feel like this, I have to say stop- to something.

Saying yes to everything (in work or fun) is an allergy-provoking decision.

We have to set up our ‘creative boundaries’ if we want to create.
Here are 5 to think about.

1. Remember to set time aside for creativity.  A “creativity schedule”, even for 10 minutes a day, keeps our creative flame healthy and roaring!
2. Find a bit of down time.  Set aside one day a week to just ‘veg’.  This is stewing time.
3. Break a habit.  Drive a new way to work.  Eat out on a weeknight.  Turn off the tv and play scrabble.
4. Know your boundaries.  Say NO to excess work/invitations/meaningless do’s
5. Eat well and exercise most days.  Walk for your creative jiggle-jaggle.

Do you have others??

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