10 things you can do RIGHT NOW to set your creative flame free!

Sometimes, our brains are so filled with ‘stuff’ that it is just not possible for new ideas or story concepts to agitate or be released into the ethers for us to grab hold of.   Sometimes, we just have to quieten down somewhat and create some new space for fruits to grow.
It’s not that hard to do.  Really, it’s not.  And if we do these things on a regular basis, we can almost guarantee that our wellspring of article and story ideas will be overflowing!  I am NEVER without ideas. The biggest difficulty is finding time to bring all the ideas to fruition but it is really affirming that by taking care of my biggest asset, my thinking, my mind comes to the party and gives me gifts of insight and inspiration every single day.   Take care of your mind and you’ll be brimming with enthusiasm and gold drops too!
Here are my top 10 things to do to fire up your creative flame and set it free!
  1. Sit outside quietly. No book, no tv, no friend to chat to.  Just be with yourself.  Notice your thoughts.
  2. Tip out the rubbish. Yes, that stuff in your brain that no longer needs to be there.  Old worries, things you can’t do anything about, money concerns, what you did (or didnt do) last year, regrets…   Make room for new thoughts!
  3. Have a nap in the middle of the day.  Up to one hour. Set the alarm.  Write down your dreams.
  4. Go wandering!   Walking frees the breath and the mind.  Hear the new ideas come.
  5. Potter in the garden.  Digging in the dirt unlocks creative energy.  See new growth.
  6. Make a new friend.  Join a class.
  7. Go somewhere new, by yourself.   Open your eyes to seeing what is really around you.
  8. Visit the art gallery.  Take in lots of new images, designs, paintings and let them swirl in your creative well.
  9. Do something you wouldn’t normally do.  Catch a bus if you normally drive.  Sing in the shower.  Sing in the street.  (in fact, sing anywhere!)  Smile.   You are open to creative energy.  Wait and see what comes your way!
  10. Turn off the TV.   TURN OFF THE TV.  One whole day, then one whole week.  Can you do it?  What will you do instead?    Hours and hours and hours of free time is up your sleeve.  Use it wisely!
And here is an extra one, the most important of all.  Carry a sticky note pad and a pencil with you EVERYWHERE.  I keep these things in my pocket or handbag. I also have a set in my bathroom (you never know where inspiration will strike), in my kitchen, and in my car.  I’m often found writing down notes at traffic lights.  This is a regular occurrence for me and I’m not kidding!   Once you begin to look after your creative flame, it will grow and grow and grow and you’ll soon be cursing me for the influx  of ideas that you can’t possibly get to in this lifetime!!    Grab the gold ones and take action.  Your ideas are waiting for you to begin!

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