A blank wall: an opportunity for re-invention

At the beginning of the month, I took down all our family photos in preparation for my husband to do a plaster and paint renovation on our lounge, kitchen and halls.
How strange it felt, those first few days, to see plain white space.
Empty walls.
(and lots of dirty marks!  Ugghhh!)
 The walls are now clean, but my husband has been otherwise occupied so we are living with empty walls for a little longer.
I’m beginning to like it!
I can’t help but think that a blank wall is a metaphor for ‘cleaning the slate’ of life.
Re-invention.  New learning.  Letting go.
Sometimes, I try to listen objectively (without engaging in the emotion) to the chatter of my mind. It seems there are three stories on high rotation!!  True friendship, marriage and children feature heavily in these scripts, and some of my thoughts shock me with their negative spin.  Mindfully paying attention to fleeting thoughts is a really interesting practice  ; )
One of the rotations is a story that is more than 2.5 years old.  Done and dusted, we’ve all moved on, yet sometimes, my mind just won’t let it go.  I wonder if other people experience this futile repetition, even after acceptance, of a past situation?
So a blank wall to me suggests that getting rid, once and for all, of things you don’t need, don’t like or that don’t fit is not only possible, it is as easy as taking down the old pictures and stories, and replacing them with something new.  I like this.
Every morning, as I sip my first joyous cup of hot tea, I look at the wall and remember.
I am in charge of what I put up there. 
I can choose the things I have (or don’t have) in my life.
And I can change my mind at any time!  Simple.
Right now, I’m enjoying a little blank space but visions of artistic wall installations are brewing…
Oh, I can’t wait to see what appears….

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