Meditation course with Lisa Romero

I spent the day yesterday studying meditation.
I love the idea of meditation, but I am yet to develop a daily practice.
I have been studying it on and off since 1997 and still haven’t got it together.
In fact, my claim to fame regarding meditation is having my comment about his meditation course published on Michael Rowland’s Meditation brochure (under my maiden name)!
It was such a shock and a thrill to see it there, and to know that those testimonials we all read in pamphlets and advertising brochures can be real!! But it still didn’t make me practice….
When I worked in the kindergarten, we began each day with a lovely meditation and mostly, we managed to create a space for contemplation before we began our day.  It was ever-helpful, in the form of sparks of insight that would light up our approach to young children, but also gave us 10 minutes of space.  10 minutes to breathe, to catch our breath, to be filled up before a new day with children began.
I am forever grateful for this.
Now, I use my walking exercise as a meditation. I’m much too choleric and fire-filled to sit down patiently (can you imagine it? I’d never get a thing done!) so walking does seem to do the trick somewhat.
But it was time for a gift for myself and this is it.
Lisa Romero is the talented teacher of the course.
I’ve been lucky enough to participate in one of her year-long courses before but am so happy to be working with her again…. along with 25 other keen meditation-strivers!
This course is a three part, run over three Sundays over three months and I am so pleased I joined!
You know the thing about doing something at just the right time.
I think this might just fit that equation.
This year, I am striving to firstly become conscious of, and then transform, my patterns.
It amazes me that yesterday I actually learned something about myself for the very first time!
Something super obvious to everyone but me.
I’m 37. I thought I would have understood it, or have at least called it, by now,
but nope, whammo, there it is.
Meditation can do that, can’t it!
The one point Lisa made that has really stuck in my thinking is that, we see the world through our own set of binoculars.  So, our patterns, our culture, our male/female-ness, our religion, our family life, our community all layer upon the part of us that is our ‘daily self’ and it is this self that meets the world.
So, if we have been rejected as a child, our binocular vision interprets EVERY SINGLE SCENE we come upon through these shades of untruth.   Yet, someone else with a different pattern, can come onto the scene and have a very different experience, flavoured towards their own patterns in life.
(I’ve also finally got around to reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle that my friend Sarah lent me about 6 months ago, and many similar ideas are catching hold of my attention too!)
The great thing is that we have the ability to adjust the knob of our binocular vision.
It may take some time, but it is do-able, according to Lisa.
This year is all about surrender.
Surrendering to whatever comes my way, planning for the future somewhat but living in the now.
Just doing, each day, what I can towards my imagined future.
So, every single day, I Write. And Edit.  And think up new things to write.
Working towards the future, but striving to be present Now.
My gosh, it is difficult!
And I realise how many fantasies I get caught up in!
Oh, the fantasises!!!
When I step back and witness or observe these flights of folly, I can only laugh.
Have you ever tried to meditate?
Did you have success? 
What kind of thing did you do??

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