How to use “petite progressions” to reach your goals

Petite progressions.
or baby steps, little bites or micro movements.
Whatever you want to call them, a little forward movement each day or week WILL get you closer to reaching your goal.
One of my goals this year is to learn 12 Christmas carols on the piano by Christmas time.
That is one per month in theory, a manageable amount for a piano beginner.
Notice my goal is not to be Beethoven.
I don’t even really know if piano is my thing.
But by Christmas, if I take petite progressions all the way, I’ll have reached a goal and will know if piano is something I want to pursue further….
But no matter what, I can tick this off my bucket list.
So, my January petite progressions were to find a Christmas carol piano music book and to choose my songs. Now, I’ve photocopied them and it is off to find a teacher.
The phone call petite progression will happen Monday.
Slowly, slowly… said the turtle.
He got there, didn’t he!

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