More time-saving tips for a return to creative action

My friend Felicity has some more hunky-dory ideas for saving time too!
Gosh, if we practice all of these, we might find ourselves another whole day!!

*Say yes more to the things you love which nourish you (fam, community etc) and no to the things that don’t really accomplish anything,you didn’t want to do and which leave you feeling drained.
*And don’t have children:)

*Feel free to let go of the creative crafting projects you felt you should do or didn’t finish because you didn’t really want it. Let it go, give the projects to someone else, re-use the left overs.
*Cull your consumer appetite so you spend less time desiring and working for material goods.
*Switch off the TV.
*Prevention rather than cure with children’s behaviour.
*Take care of yourself – get re-energised.

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