Creative Self Help

Have you ever feigned ignorance and relied upon your womanly charm to receive help??
I sure have!
Only this past Tuesday, my friend Simone and I, in response to a flat tyre and being bogged in serious mud, planned our No. 1 tactic:  Find a nice guy to help us.


Slight problem in that there were no nice guys (or any guys, in fact) exiting the festival at midnight when we needed them.


Later in the week, my policeman neighbour, upon hearing our sorry story, told us his own story of finding two young girls stranded at the local rock pools, with a flat tyre.
When he enquired about their plight, they told him they were waiting for the RACQ (Road assist) crew to arrive.
Now, of course, being a policeman and seeing the darker side of our town, he knows that not all guys (or girls) are nice, and that hanging about in isolated places might just possibly lead to trouble so rather than leave them there, he decided to help.


Help, not rescue.


He stood by, and gave instructions to the girls and THEY changed their own tyre.
(They finished before the RACQ crew arrived to help!)
I like it!


And I thought about life and about creativity, and it made me start thinking about how sometimes we can be so lazy/tired/busy/happy to rely on others that we forget how to help ourselves, or we avoid helping ourselves and wait for others to do it.
And yet, we are more than capable.


It is time to learn how to ‘change our own tyres’.
To set our own goals, to meet our own resistance, to challenge our status quo and to build enough muscle and strength that we are ABLE and willing to embrace our creative urges.
Then, it will be time to set off on our own big ‘road trip’ of imagination and fun!

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