Creating an exclusive crafting or creative space or office for your endeavours

Wouldn’t you just love a space, no matter how small, for your own creative endeavours?
I have dreamt of a room, where I can keep my collection of fibres, threads, stamping goods, paper, pencils, card and now I have one!!!
This is the best Christmas present ever!!!!
This room is our 3rd bedroom and with Henrietta now in her own independent space, this room became free.   This past week, my husband painted and tiled it and I took a quick trip up the highway to purchase two expedit shelves from Ikea.
Doesn’t it always happen that there is one dowel left over????
Now, I am in creative heaven!!!
I can play and sing and dance surrounded by all my lovely base materials.
We all need a dedicated space for our creative tools.
This should be our top priority.
It doesn’t really matter whether it is a drawer in a desk, a few plastic boxes that are easily accessible, a folding table and a set of drawers on moveable runners, a little office nook, an office hidden in a cupboard, an easel set up in one sunny corner of the lounge or one side of the shed.
What matters is that your things are easily accessible, and easily put away.
Creative time may only come in short increments, and we don’t want to be wasting those moments having to unpack and pack away into random, unfriendly spots.
So, this weekend, why not make your own creative haven??
As 2010 draws to a close, and 2011 beckons, I dare you to put your creativity right on top of your ‘must do’ list.  We must create. We must.
Who knows how long we will be here in this house, but for now, this is one of my dreams come true!!
Thank you, my lovely handy husband!!

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