Finding the guru within

When we travel in the car, Ned has a exuberant habit of pointing out each and every truck, digger, concrete truck, petrol tanker, or excavator (esc-a-late-a) to us.
The classic thing about his findings is his way of shouting “Oh My God” when he sees one.
Recently, though, his words have changed from “Oh My God” to “I, my God”
No matter what anyone says to sway him, this is his new statement.
“I, my God”
You know, I think he has it right.


I’ve been pondering it a bit lately, and it would seem that the most enlightened, conscious, understanding, helpful, caring, delightful, fun people I know have this kind of statement as their centre core.
They really believe that God (universal energy, Allah, Buddah, Jesus, Amma…. or your chosen form of “God”) is within them.  That they, with all their foibles, regrets, difficult choices, mistakes, hurts, upsets and character ‘flaws’, are ok.  That they matter. That they bring something of worth to the world.
I think so too.


I think I’ve spoken before of the rugs woven by American Indian women (and other cultures) and their purposeful placement of a flaw in their design to represent the fact that they are human and only ‘God’ can make true perfection. We are the embodiement of this perfection. Our flaws are illusions.
We are perfect just as we are.
Like Ned says, “I, my God”


Our creativity, and our interpretation of our thoughts and ideas into artistic action can be our attempt at ‘making like God’.   You know, just bringing life to fruition on a daily basis.


Why do we stop? Why do we think we aren’t good enough? Why do we wait for the perfect conditions, the right time or for a sunny/rainy/cloudy day?  Why do we judge our efforts so harshly? Why aren’t we just out there having a go, playful and exuberant, each and every day?


Let’s try today.
Let’s find 5 minutes to take action.
Pick up the pencil, plop a dollop of paint on a brush, thread a needle, open up a journal to a new page, take a photo, learn the first two lines in a play, buy the ingredients for a new recipe, sing a new melody or master a guitar chord.


Take the first step with me today.
What is your 5 minute action?

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