How to find motivation and energy for new goals

Yesterday, I posted a little thought about stagnant waters and today, I can’t get the thought out of my head.
I have been thinking about how we are all deep pools, reaching far below and beyond human sight. Kind of like the well where the princess lost her golden ball before the frog rescued it for her.
Yep, seriously deep.
Yet, I know I often tend to ‘fish’ in the waters near the surface, either frightened of the depths or lazy or scared of the dark.
But, when I do this, I find myself repeating many of the same sabotaging behaviours.


Take eating for an example.
For weeks on end, I can eat really well. Greens, salads, grilled proteins, lots of lovely clean rainwater, freshly laid eggs and perhaps a drop of honey in my tea or a warm vanilla chai before bed.
I feel great. I look great.


Then, I spy the block of Cadbury Dairy Milk (I’m sorry- I only eat dark when there is no milk choc left!) and I’m done for.  And once I’ve had that first sugary hit, nothing can pull me back. Nothing.


I will eat cakes and chocolate and slices and bakery pies and creamy pastas like they are being forever taken off the menu.  And a few weeks later, and a few kilos heavier, I am back to square one and reluctant to put on my skinny (ish)  jeans in case I stretch them beyond repair.


Luckily, my imaginary boundary on the scales reels me in and halts my expanding waistline before too much damage is inflicted but it is enough, and I start again.


But with each cycle, I lose a little enthusiasm or energy or the will to succeed.


I need new creative answers. And a way to reach down into my depths.


It is the same with blogging. I LOVE it! And probably share way too many photos and thoughts and ponderings and I wonder if anyone (hellooooo, is anybody out there…..???) is actually reading it?
I find blogging takes up lots of time which I could use for other ‘writing’ tasks, yet I am compelled to post.


There is something sticky about meeting my goal of writing a post everyday.  I find it brings me to the computer, keeps my creative juices flowing, gives me an opportunity to share the wonders I find and converse with readers.  There is nothing like feedback, and hearing about your adventures too!


But lately, the world is quiet and I miss you!
I know I can be a lurker on blogs, visiting but never having enough time to comment but from this week, I’m going to make it my goal to comment when I enjoy or am inspired by your words or pics.
This is my first deep scoop into the murky waters of my well.
But I’d like to dip further too.


I want to know your creative thoughts on eating well on a consistent basis.
I want to know how you sustain yourself and your blog.
And I want to know your best idea on how you swirl your own stagnant waters.
Can’t wait to receive your great ideas!

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