A crafty toolkit for creatives and crafters

I’m currently making 20 ‘creative toolkits’ for the participants of my workshops.  Rather than cumbersome baskets, which look sweet but are a bit disorganised, I am making a material pouch for all the tools we might ever use in a workshop.

So far, there is a place for:

  • scissors
  • gluestick
  • felting needle
  • ruler
  • eraser
  • sticky tape roll
  • stanley cutting knife
  • pencil
  • needles and pins
  • a ‘snail’ glue rolling thing
  • skewer stick

I was determined to use up all my material scraps and fat quarters before buying anything new and they do look pretty cool.  It will be nice to have all these things organised and ready for my workshop friends to use.

Little Ned has been my sewing helper.  He has been holding on to the scissors whilst I sew a section, and then passes them to me to cut. He is pretty happy with this arrangement, as long as I pass them back to him pretty swiftly.  He makes a good sewing assistant.

The house is a bomb zone, and will get a big top-to-toe clean tomorrow, after our morning ‘stand up paddle boarding’ adventure with Catherine in Currumbin creek.  I can’t wait!

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