“29 Gifts: How a month of giving can change your life” by Cami Walker- a good read!

It is giveaway time.    Sorry, Giveaway is now closed.
Here is a little hand stitched sewing kit for one lucky friend.
The blue pillow is for pins.
The little cream coloured pouch and ribbon is for a pair of scissors or snips.
(Scissors not included)
Funnily enough, I came across an article today in November 2009

“Body and Soul” magazine written by Cami Walker with Caroline McKenzie on the art of gift giving.

Cami was down in the dumps following a diagnosis of MS and sought help from a trusted source.  She was inspired by a ‘prescription for living’ given to her by Mbali, a medicine woman and began a quest to give 29 gifts in a month to learn about the art of living well.  You can visit her website 29gifts.org to find out more.
I posted off the last giveaway, the hand-felted journey book, to Suzana in Croatia and received such a bloom of love in my heart knowing that such a little something is travelling across the world to be met with joy by Suzana and her children.
I look forward to posting this one too!
Leave a comment here to go in the draw.  It is open to anyone in the world! So, if you’d like a slice of Australian-made goodness, don’t forget to leave a comment by Monday 11th January 5pm Qld time.
Thank you for all your comments and emails.  I LOVE reading them!

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